FAQs About COVID-19

Recently, we have received tons of concerns and worries from our customers due to COVID-19. Here My Legend X would like to make an announcement, we hope we can provide a satisfied shopping experience for all of our valued customers as always. Darkness will be gone as long as we stick together, My Legend X will always be with you.


Q: Will my package have COVID-19?

 A: Each package is disinfected before leaving our warehouse. The World Health Organization states that viral diseases cannot be transmitted through packages, but we still disinfect them for added safety.Read More


 Q: Will order processing slow down?

 A: The shipments in US warehouses will not be affected in any way. The order processing time of warehouses in the United States is still 2 to 3 days.


Q: Will the shipping time slow down?

 A: Due to COVID-19, the shipping time limit for your order may be extended 3 to 6 Days.


 Q: Are there any adjustments to the after-sale policy?

 A: If you are unable to accept the package and the package is returned, we will not charge any fees and issue a full refund!

 If you want to return an item and are presently unable to send it to us, we will extend the return time until the epidemic is over!


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